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Kindan no Kajitsu
Where is it? How to use it?
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Welcome to Heaven.

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Heh. So that’s how it is…

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knb tears


i love how everyone’s tears are like






scruncy faces




and then you’ve got aomine’s super manly tears


hell yeah

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There wasn’t really a guard guarding the door.
The person standing in front of it…x
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sports anime ruined my life
—things i never thought i would ever say in a million years (via wikasa)
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KNB 270


Really, Aomine, are you ok?! (edited now that I’ve calmed down)

One thing that stood out to me: since Kuroko and Akashi didn’t know about the ZONE before the first day of the Winter Cup, it’s safe to assume that Aomine reached that stage during his stay in Touou, right?

And despite this, the person standing beside Aomine’s door was still Kuroko?? Is he really the only person Aomine thought of playing with? Like ever?? Kuroko’s his adversary and Aomine still considers him the only person in the world worthy of making him the strongest?

The AoKuro is strong in this one, man. I’m kinda dying here

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How did I fall in love with you?
What can I do to make you smile?
I’m always here if you’re thinking of
The story of the tears from your eyes


Can’t you hear the voices of my heart?
I was staying here just want to see your happiness※



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Old illustration for Knb season2!!!

…my poor handwriting…(。ŏ_ŏ)

So glad to see Production I.G. made Q41.5 even it really really really hurts….。・゚・(つд`゚)・゚・。・゚・(つд`゚)・゚・。・゚・(つд`゚)・゚・But that’s why I love Aokuro so much. Can’t wait to see them turn Teikou into TVA!!!!!!!

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