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Kindan no Kajitsu
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then… what is your fear?

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Even when times are rough, they have someone there to bring
them back up
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You have absolutely nothing to fear, Rukia 

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Bleach quotes » I despise the way you fight. Without ever lifting your own hand…to steal the bonds of camaraderie and torture opponents is the height of cowardice. It is a lack of shame, deserving of death. I shall kill you and cast you aside before you finish swinging your bladeByakuya Kuchiki (for douceancora)

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Gonna be OOC now


renjilogic replied to your post: People tweeted /hate/ to him direct? ಠ_____ಠ I…

I guess he’s dammed if he doesn’t kill them off (people complain about that) and cursed if he does kill characters off. But it’s HIS STORY. People are stupid. Character deaths are part of what makes a story interesting and give it depth and gravity.

Sadly not to “fans” who think his story has to be the way THEY WANT, not Sensei himself.

They complain for none of the good guys are dead (you see Hiyori was split to two and made it). Now the popular good guy is possibly dead for real, they went crazy.

Here goes my opinions.

“Fans” need also to think, what’s the point killing small characters from the good side—such as Sasakibe just when the arc just started, see no one cares. Kira got an arm off and huge hole, more people care but still not. Sensei killed the popular ones FOR THE HUGE IMPACT. Well hi we are in the final arc, it’s war and this is shounen~

Honestly, if Niisama was really dead for good, this can open a door to character development from Soul Society side (since we lack of shinigami last arc). Especially to Rukia. There Sensei could make her to find a new resolve and probably showing what people want: her fighting like a fukutaichou (people always complain~), as the Kuchiki, and HER BANKAI.

Sensei will show his readers who the hell is Kuchiki Rukia this time.

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And “fans” hating Kubo-sensei for telling his own story

Really “fans”?


And stop tweeting him with hate to show him that you read his story illegally and you don’t have brain.

The last thing I want to worried is about manga sites are banned and no more updated online manga sites.

So leave Sensei and his Bleach alone, go make your own fanfiction where Niisama isn’t dead.

You wanna think positive? There’s no funeral of Niisama yet.

There you go. Keep hoping.

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To the idiot “fans” and their idiotic complaints

Rant ahead and I’m not putting it in read more since I’m using phone.

Bleach is Kubo-sensei’s story. It’s up to him how and what he wanna do to it, idiots.

Tweeting him with hates won’t make him change his mind. Funny thing is, Bleach and other mangas we got ONLINE are not yet officially released in Japan until Monday. To see idiots tweeting with hates, not even read the manga LEGALLY only makes me think that those idiots don’t have brains and respect.

I believe those idiots claimed they are “fans” just because they like KUBO-SENSEI’s characters. Why should they respect their creators? LOL idiots.

You know what, if you hate him so much for being “troll” well sorry, you can stop reading his Bleach and he doesn’t even care. Go make your own fanfictions, idiots.

Bleach already goes for almost 11 years not for nothing, idiots.

Online manga sites often get problem releasing mangas ILEGALLY for us because of you idiots can’t shut your mouths, acting like boss, complaining and demanding like you own EVERYTHING IN INTERNET. Yet those are the only shits you can do. You don’t respect them doing this ilegal thing for you. LOOOL.

This goes to all fandoms who have idiotic “fans”.

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