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I'm just an ordinary lazy girl who loves drawing, animes, games, tokusatsu, and some others related to that.
Kindan no Kajitsu
Where is it? How to use it?


Here you are some RyuuGiri, special thanks to Deflect and Tipsyimperial for their RyuuGiri feels, the ideas born by them were beautiful *_*

Here my onw RyuuGiri feels, my muse is rolling in the floor.

I beg mercy for my awful Ryuuken ;_; I keep practicing! And yeah, pic in the bottom right are Katagiri and Uryuu when he was 4, and they were just a happy family *_*———

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To the idiot “fans” and their idiotic complaints

Rant ahead and I’m not putting it in read more since I’m using phone.

Bleach is Kubo-sensei’s story. It’s up to him how and what he wanna do to it, idiots.

Tweeting him with hates won’t make him change his mind. Funny thing is, Bleach and other mangas we got ONLINE are not yet officially released in Japan until Monday. To see idiots tweeting with hates, not even read the manga LEGALLY only makes me think that those idiots don’t have brains and respect.

I believe those idiots claimed they are “fans” just because they like KUBO-SENSEI’s characters. Why should they respect their creators? LOL idiots.

You know what, if you hate him so much for being “troll” well sorry, you can stop reading his Bleach and he doesn’t even care. Go make your own fanfictions, idiots.

Bleach already goes for almost 11 years not for nothing, idiots.

Online manga sites often get problem releasing mangas ILEGALLY for us because of you idiots can’t shut your mouths, acting like boss, complaining and demanding like you own EVERYTHING IN INTERNET. Yet those are the only shits you can do. You don’t respect them doing this ilegal thing for you. LOOOL.

This goes to all fandoms who have idiotic “fans”.

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Sensei~ what is this I am seeing? *w*<3

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If what’s hidden inside your Combat Pass is nothing but a horrible truth then I will cover your eyes and ears to prevent you from learning it.
—Ishida Uryuu (episode 365 preview)
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