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Kindan no Kajitsu
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Thanks to everyone for their support for Bleach and Ichigo.
I’m very happy that both the character and the work were able to be ranked.
The fans have accompanied me along these past 7 and a half years. Thank you to everyone for your love. I feel deeply touched.
It’s thanks to you all that this work has continued for so long.

Even though the Bleach anime has aired its final episode, both the staff and the cast believe that “it has not ended.”
We hope that one day we will all meet again.


Thanks to everyone for their continued support.
I’m very happy to be ranked.
Thanks also to everyone for supporting Rukia.
The things that attract people to her are her tiny physique, her sincere heart, and her courageous attitude…
As well as how she always cares for her friends.
My favorite scenes with her are her comedic ones.
She’s always able to understand both the situation and the other person’s feelings.
These are things that you can’t tell from just a superficial glance.

I myself have been deeply touched by Rukia’s character as I’ve played her.
Knowing that Rukia’s fans feel the same way, I feel deeply touched yet again. To her I would like to say, “thank you.”

*gross sobbing*

IT HAS NOT ENDED, MORITA. WE WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT BLEACH AND BELIEVE THE ANIME WILL COME BACK. And of course not ruining the story again and no more fillers.


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From the latest issue of Animedia magazine. Who’s that I see at #11 for girls and #10 for guys? :)

Thank you Estella!

Rukia-sama along with the other beautiful, moe, badass female characters AND the only one Bleach female there. Who said Rukia is boyish, flat, ugly, androgynous? HAHAHAHAH!

While Ichigo finally managed to be on higher rank than Hitsugaya is really something! Congratulations! XD

I see lots of old characters from old anime series there. Amazing! <3

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I chose to protect.
I wanted power.
I’ve always… always wanted the power… to protect many people.
And when I lost it, I remembered that Rukia… gave me the power to protect when I wanted it.
That everybody… helped me get back my powers after I lost them.
That’s why…
I’m gonna defeat you to protect everybody. 

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Toshiro Hitsugaya posted on Rangiku Matsumoto’s wall—

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This evening i will relax, doing nothing!!! Finally!!! :)

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that awkward moment when i wonder if this is considered skinny dipping for soul reapers

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